Our Philosophy

At Explora South America, we are committed to the cultural and environmental well-being of the countries and places we not only visit, but more importantly – share with our clients such as yourself. We are constantly seeking to create inspirational, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our travelers, and we are proud to support a wide array of organizations that promote sustainable ecotourism in many of the regions and countries we serve.  One of the main goals of ecotourism is to offer our tourists insight into the impact of humans on the environment, and to foster a greater appreciation of our natural habitats. Responsible ecotourism inevitably promotes those programs, tours, and properties that minimize the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment while enhancing the cultural integrity of the locals.

Impacts of eco-tourism
Gorilla Conservation ProjectTalk is cheap, and the easy part is to say we support common-sense initiatives such as conservation, eco-friendliness, reducing the impact of climate change, and the like. The reality is much more complicated and demanding. We understand that sending our clients into remote and not-so-remote regions inevitably has environmental and cultural impacts. However, we remain steadfast in our belief that our trips provide meaningful and important ways for local communities and governments to create sustainable forms of development, which in turn relieves pressure on our valuable resources. Our personal experience has taught us that, when it’s carried out thoughtfully and intelligently, travel is a net positive for the visitor and the visited alike.

Understanding that local providers may have differing perspectives on ecological impacts, and taking those into careful consideration, we work with the locals in those countries to develop itineraries and mapping routes; selecting hotels, tours, transportation, etc.; in choosing informed guides; and in educating our clients about the local customs, to be respectful of those customs, and what conditions to expect when traveling abroad.

South America’s most beautiful country

Colombia is one of South America’s most beautiful countries with lush nature, clouded forests, snow-capped mountains and white beaches. Come and experience an unspoilt country devoid of mass tourism and a welcoming population.

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