Highlights of Colombia


Bogotá – Eje Cafetero – Medellín – Cartagena


On this journey we will experience the authentic Colombia. We will visit areas that tourists rarely visit – partly in the coffee area, but also Támesis, which is a beautiful, idyllic mountain village between the coffee area and Medellín.

We meet the Colombians who are happy, friendly, dancing – simply lovely people. And we will enjoy nature and see stunningly beautiful landscapes and mountain rainforest. Then head north to Cartagena in the Caribbean, which is something else entirely – with its own culture and diversity of people. Walking around the cobbled streets of the old town of Cartagena is an experience … like a huge museum that breathes life and colors.

We set out with the capital Bogotá and visit the famous gold museum – the largest in South America – and visit the Monserrate Church, on a mountain overlooking Bogota. We also experience Medellín, which in a few years has gone from being the center for drug traffickers and violence to being one of South America’s most innovative and comfortable cities to live in. The change and improvements have been so incredible, that the city is a model example for other big cities around the world.

The trip has no day-long bus trips and the two long distances are managed by domestic flights.

Day 1  Arrival to Bogota
Day 2  Bogota city tour
Day 3  Coffee Area – Pereira
Day 4  Coffee tour
Day 5  Cocora Valley and Salento
Day 6  The charming village Támesis
Day 7  Cacao finca    Hotel Vega del Rio
Day 8  Medellin and highlands
Day 9  Medellin citytour
Day 10 Medellin highlands and Cartagena
Day 11 Cartagena – citytour
Day 12 Cartagena – mangrove tour
Day 13 Cartagena and flight out




Bogota 2 BH Bicentenario or similar
Pereira 3 Pueblito Cafetero or similar
Tamesis 2 Vegas del Rio or similar
Medellin 2 Poblado Alejandria or similar
Cartagena 3 Allure Canela or similar
Day 1 Arrival to Bogota

After arrival, transfer by bus to our hotel in the Candelaria historical center of Bogota.

Day 2 Bogota city tour

City tour by foot in the charming colonial center of Bogota. Visits to the Monserrate church, beautifully overviewing the entire Bogota. Walking through the colonial streets of Bogota and passing through the Plaza Bolivar. Later visit to the amazing Gold Museum, one the most impressive in South America. Also, visiting the Botero Museum of the famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

Day 3 Coffee Area – Pereira

In the morning we fly to Pereira, in the Coffee Region. Before going to our hotel, we will do a citytour in Pereira and have lunch here. Pereira hardly receives tourists and although the city is no a cultural pearl as for example Cartagena, it is a very good introduction to the everyday life of most Colombians. Our hotel, The Pueblito Cafetero was originally a coffee “finca” (farm) but has been transformed into a charming hotel. The hotel is not luxurious, but the surroundings are wonderful, and it is difficult to understand that we are only 20 minutes away from the city of Pereira. We arrange a welcome BBQ in the evening. 

Day 4 Coffee tour

After breakfast, we have around 1½ hours to a valley along the Cauca River and the town of La Virginia. The climate here is warmer than in Pereira, but soon we climb the mountain to the right and enter the coffee producing altitudes, around 1500-1800 meters above sea level. We arrive at the local village of San José. This is quite interesting and gives us an idea of how the “coffee people“ live; hardly any tourists pass by here. After a short visit, we board jeeps or Willys as they call them here, and drive 15 minutes to the coffee farm “Primavera”. Here we will visit a Danish/Colombian couple that has recently bought this small and beautiful “finca” or farm. We will see all the steps from cultivating, harvesting and the further treatment of the coffee beans; and of course, we will taste the local coffee. We also enjoy a local lunch. In the afternoon, we return in jeeps to San Jose and return to our hotel in Pereira.

Day 5 Cocora Valley and Salento 

Today we are going to visit the famous “Valle del Cocora” (1½ hour by bus). This is just one of many marvelous valleys that run towards the lowlands from the volcanic complex of Ruiz, Santa Luisa and Tolima volcanoes (up to well above 5000 meters). However, Cocora is the most spectacular of these valleys and we will go for a 1-2 hour easy walk and enjoy the wonders of Colombia. After the walk we enjoy a nice lunch – trout is the typical food here, but they also have other options. After lunch, we drive the 20 minutes to Salento and will have time to enjoy this charming traditional coffee village. Many shops sell souvenirs and very good quality handicraft, jewelry etc. In addition, a café serves excellent coffee. In the afternoon, we return to our hotel.

Day 6 The charming village Támesis 

From Pereira we have an approximately 5 hour bus trip to Tamesis, including lunch and photo stops. After leaving the mountainous Coffee Area, we drive downhill and along the Cauca River. At “La Pintada” village at an altitude of 600 meter and a very hot climate, we start driving up the mountain to the left. This area is absolutely stunning with views to the valley below and dramatic mountains…and all very green and lush. We arrive early afternoon to our hotel in Tamesis. Before visiting the cozy plaza of the village, we will take small moto-taxis some 10 minutes a little outside the village. This is an area where a small river runs down the mountain surrounded by green hills and fantastic views to all sides. We enjoy “Charco de las Palomas” and walk back to the village – some 20 minutes easy walk with lovely farm houses and views to all sides. Later we will properly visit this charming and authentic village. We are two blocks from the village Plaza where people meet over a “tinto” coffee. Hardly any tourists come to this beautiful area.

Day 7 Cacao finca   Hotel Vega del Rio 

After breakfast, we will take an open “Chiva” bus to take us the 20-30 minutes downhill to a beautiful green area where we will visit a cacao farm. The couple running the farm Carmen and Hernan, are lovely people and while Hernan is showing us the entire process about farming cacao, Carmen will later roast the cacao beans. We will help grind the beans and later make our own hot chocolate. Also, Carmen will show us her fascinating garden with vanilla plants, oranges and much more. The view from the farm is stunning. We will enjoy a wonderful lunch here, prepared by Carmen, before we return to Tamesis to enjoy this authentic village again.

 Day 8 Medellin and highlands 

From Tamesis we have an approximately 4 hour bus trip to Medellin, including lunch and photo stops. We drive down the mountain and cross the Cauca River and will head north towards Medellin. The landscape is very pretty with tall mountains and we drive through cozy villages with bananas etc. In the afternoon we have passed the 2300 meter pass and descend to the Aburrá Valley where Medellin is situated and arrive at our hotel in the posh neighborhood of El Poblado. 

Day 9 Medellin citytour 

The citytour of Medellin is actually much more than this. First, we are taken by our bus to the Metro station, since this is the quickest and most interesting way to pass through the city, where we can appreciate the amazing success of integrating the poorer neighborhoods by cable cars. This has improved the lives of thousands of people and given them access to jobs, commerce, education etc. Today this project stands out as an example to many other cities around the world. We visit comuna 13, that is a very exciting neighbourhood that has experienced an amazing transformation. At some point, we will enjoy lunch and then continue to the city center and of course to the Plaza Botero where we have free time to explore Fernando Boteros world famous sculptures and the cozy plaza. We return to our hotel in our bus. In the evening, we arrange for a visit to the “Parque Lleras” in El Poblado, where the most popular restaurants and bars are situated.

y 10 Medellin highlands and Cartagena 

While our luggage goes with our bus, we take the metro and cable car to the Santo Domingo neighborhood with a beautiful view of Medellin below. We continue to the Arví Reserve and perhaps go for a little walk in this lovely forest. The reserve was established to preserve water, avoid erosion and landslides, to preserve biodiversity and recreation for the citizens of Medellin. Our bus will meet us here, and take us to a traditional silletero flower farm that still provides flowers for the City of Medellin as they have done for centuries. Later we have lunch and in the afternoon we to Cartagena from the nearby airport (flight 50 min.). Transfer to our hotel in front of Castillo de San Felipe in Cartagena (20 minutes).

Day 11 Cartagena – citytour 

Citytour beginning with the San Felipe fortress near the historic center. After this visit we drive to the historic center and enjoy the absolutely amazing and charming colonial city of Cartagena. Afternoon at leisure or our tourleader will suggest several different areas to visit.

Day 12 Cartagena – mangrove tour 

After breakfast, we visit the small community La Boquilla that resides in the mangrove areas just north of Cartagena. These people are descendants of the African slaves that were brought to Colombia by the Spanish. They have developed their own way of living – fishing in the lagoons and maintaining an almost “homerule” status. We are working with a small group of local people, in order to support the community in a direct manner and to get a better understanding of how these people live. After arriving to La Boquilla (25 minutes by bus), we enter canoes and are taken around the lagoons and mangroves for some 45-60 minutes. It is quite shallow and since the water is salty, there are few insects. After the tour, we enjoy a delicious coconut-drink before we are taken back to Cartagena to enjoy our last afternoon and evening in this romantic place.


Day 13 Cartagena and flight out 

The day at leisure and departure from hotel in the afternoon for our international KLM-flight around 6 pm. Luggage can be deposited in the hotel, and we will try to make check-out of the hotel as late as possible.

Price per person double occupancy


INDIVIDUAL without Tourleader
2 pax
3 pax
4 pax
5-6 pax
7+ pax
Single supplement


    • Transfer In – day 1, Transfer Out – day 11
    • Breakfast, lunch , dinner
    • Local guides where necessary
    • Local taxes for service providers and Hotels
    • Entrance fees to activities as specified in program
    • 2 domestic flights BOG-PEI & MDE-CTG


    • Customers’ international flights
    • Meals and drinks not described in the Programs.
    • Transfers (except as specified)
    • Optional Tours
    • Flight cancellation fees
    • Travel Insurance or medical assistance cards
    • Personal expenses
    • Gratuity for drivers and guides


About Colombia

  • Population
    • There live approx. DKK 46 million people in Colombia and they can be divided into three ethnic groups: Indians (about 58%), descendants of European immigrants (about 20%) and descendants of African slaves (about 20%).
  • Gabriel Garcia Márquez
    • Colombia’s great Nobel laureate is considered one of the greatest authors of the 20th century. Among his novels are Love in the Cholera’s Time and Hundred Years of Loneliness. He died in Cartagena in April 2014.

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