Colombians Volcanoes

The park includes the thermal floors corresponding to cold, wasteland, and freezing, so its main ecosystems are the Andean forests, moors and glaciers. It also includes the river basins of some rivers, such as the Otún River, Quindío River, etc.


3 DAYS - 2 NIGHTS              BOLIVIA

Chapare Tour

One of the most beautiful regions of Bolivia is that corresponding to the Chapare province located north of the capital of the department of Cochabamba.


4 DAYS - 3 NIGHTS                      PERU

Inka Trail & Machu Picchu

Head down an Inca trail to Machu Picchu on this newly discovered and less crowded route. This hike offers you breathtaking landscapes with waterfalls and Inca ruins as well as the opportunity to go through a beautiful and remote Intipunku.


6 DAYS - 5 NIGHTS                      ECUADOR

Galapagos Island

The Galapagos Islands, part of an archipelago of the Pacific Ocean located in Ecuador, due to its importance and beauty was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978, contributing to the development of ecological tourism to help with the preservation of species .

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