Travel to Ecuador

Welcome to Ecuador, a wonderful country with a vast and unequaled natural and cultural wealth. Giving rise to hundreds of miles of flora and fauna species.

Compact and diverse, Ecuador is like a tasting menu for South America. There are Andean mountains, complete with glacial volcanoes. At Otavalo, site of the largest market in South America, Ecuador’s numerous Indigenous groups come to barter for both crafts and staples. There are Amazonian jungles and charming colonial cities, like cobblestoned Cuenca.

Best of all, all these flavours are packed together, so you can be in the jungle in the morning and at the foot of a glacier by the evening. Ecuador also has one gem found nowhere else: the pristine and fragile Galápagos Islands, made famous through the writings of Charles Darwin.

Diversity and history at the palm of your hand

Ecuador has countless areas of great tourist attraction that stand out for their varied culture and great biodiversity, representing one of the most fantastic countries in South America. Come and experience the wonder of the Amazon and the splendor of the Galapagos Islands.





Green Ecuador

The plant diversity found in Ecuador is enormous and can be found from tropical forests and jungles to moors and deserts. The fauna is also very varied. Among the large mammals of the continental regions are jaguars, pumas, anteaters and wildcats, etc.


4 DAYS - 3 NIGHTS                      ECUADOR

 Cuyabeno Reserve - Amazon

Exotic flora and fauna, a place where you can admire the wonders of nature, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve must be on your destination agenda. Located in the province of Sucumbíos, northeast of the Amazon Region of Ecuador.


6 DAYS - 5 NIGHTS                      ECUADOR

Galapagos Island

The Galapagos Islands, part of an archipelago of the Pacific Ocean located in Ecuador, due to its importance and beauty was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978, contributing to the development of ecological tourism to help with the preservation of species .

About Ecuador

  • Population
    • In the Republic of Ecuador, the year 2019 amounts to 18,120,179 inhabitants, with the highest population density in South America, having 56.5 inhabitants per km².
  • Jefferson Peréz
    • Athletics is the sport that has awarded the most triumphs to Ecuador with its highest representative, who won the gold medals at the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996 and Beijing 2008, and a world three-time championship in Paris 2003, Helsinki 2005 and Osaka 2007.
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