Travel to Colombia

Welcome to the “new” exciting spot on the world map, Colombia in South America – one of South America’s most beautiful countries.

Colombia was for many years closed to tourists for a 50-year conflict with the country’s drug barons. The difficult times are over, and today, Colombia is bursting, and the welcoming people are longing to welcome visitors and show their treasures.

A trip to Colombia is a journey to a very beautiful and lush nature with green jungle, clouded forests, snow-capped mountains and, not least, a tropical coastline with white sandy beaches and a world-class marine life. Colombia, as the only country in South America, has coastal stretches to both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

A trip to Colombia is also a journey to beautiful colonial style towns, which are on the UNESCO list of heritage, rural idyll, coffee plantations which cultivate some of the absolute best coffee in the world, salsa, rum and joy of life.

South America’s most beautiful country


Colombia is one of South America’s most beautiful countries with lush nature, clouded forests, snow-capped mountains and white beaches. Come and experience an unspoilt country devoid of mass tourism and a welcoming population.





Highligts of Colombia

Colombia, to the northwest of South America, is a rich country in many ways. With an amalgam of ethnic and regional specificities that involve different social practices, worldviews and cultures that are recognized and protected.



The river of five colors

Caño Cristales, the “River of Five Colors” is referred to as the most beautiful river in the world due to its striking colors. From the end of July through November, the riverbed is variously colored yellow, green, blue, black, and especially red.



Colombians Volcanoes

The park includes the thermal floors corresponding to cold, wasteland, and freezing, so its main ecosystems are the Andean forests, moors and glaciers. It also includes the river basins of some rivers, such as the Otún River, Quindío River, etc.

About Colombia

  • Population
    • There live approx. DKK 46 million people in Colombia and they can be divided into three ethnic groups: Indians (about 58%), descendants of European immigrants (about 20%) and descendants of African slaves (about 20%).
  • Gabriel Garcia Márquez
    • Colombia’s great Nobel laureate is considered one of the greatest authors of the 20th century. Among his novels are Love in the Cholera’s Time and Hundred Years of Loneliness. He died in Cartagena in April 2014.

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