Christian has years of experience in tourism; as a tourleader or expeditionleader in the Arctic, Antarctic, North America, Africa and for the past 15 years, in most countries of South America. In 2008-2011, Christian was managing director of the Greenlandic tourist company WOGAC, and in 2011 moved to Colombia founding a tourist company with friends. In 2015 he created CFM Travel, and worked with mainly European tourist companies and individuals, creating holidays and adventures in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. He is from Copenhagen, Denmark and is originally a Biologist from the University of Copenhagen. He speaks Danish, English and Spanish fluently and German, Swedish and Norwegian, reasonably well. He does a lot of mountainbiking and hiking in the mountains of the Coffee Region.


South America’s most beautiful country

Colombia is one of South America’s most beautiful countries with lush nature, clouded forests, snow-capped mountains and white beaches. Come and experience an unspoilt country devoid of mass tourism and a welcoming population.

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