This years round trip with a Danish group, also took us to the Galapagos Islands. There were 14 participants and we started our trip in Isabela Island and stayed at a wonderful hotel just by the beach.  On our second day we climbed the Sierra Negra volcano with a stunning view over the caldera and the recent eruptions.

On day 3 we visited the tortoise centre at Isabela Island and later went by boat to Santa Cruz Island, where we again stayed at a beautiful 4* hotel. On day 4 we went to Bartolomé Island (see the front page photo) and had the entire ship for ourselves. Also this day, we snorkeled at Bartolomé Island and saw sharks, penguins and thousands of fish.

On Day 5 we went with the same ship (the Queen Karen) and visited this day Seymour Norte Island and got very close to nesting Blue-Footed- Boobies, Frigate birds and saw many land iguanas.  Later we had the opportunity to snorkel with sea turtles at Bachas beach…just a remarkable day.

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