By Hanne & Jens Andersen,  Denmark

We had been recommended the group trips by Explora South America by friends in Denmark and had big expectations to these 15 days where we were to visit the Amazon rainforest, the highlands of Ecuador and as the main attraction, 6 days on the Galapagos Islands.

The first 3 days were in the Amazon. We were completely surprised of the amount of wildlife we were to see in just 3 days, and only 8 hours by bus and canoa from Quito.

Day 1
We went from our hotel near the airport of Quito over the Andes mountains…absolutely beautiful trip and important to do by bus at least one way (we returned by plane). Two hours by canoa to the lodge trhough the reserve and already there, we spotted a lot of wildlife. Some spotted giant otters and we saw caimans, monkeys, a small anaconda and lots of other exciting insects, bats and birds.

The Siona Lodge is rustic bus has nice large huts with bathroom and hot showers and the food was incredible…and they have cold large beers`!

Day 2 & 3
It is difficult to disguingush these days – we went for a nice walk in the rainforest – always starting in the canoa, since Siona is almost completely surrounded by water and in the middle of the nature. Our guide was amazing – he just spotted everything and spoke an excellent English.  In the lagoon we saw pink dolphins and many caimans, and a tree full of macaw parrots. Recently the population of macaws has increased considerably. Also, we visited the Siona indigenous community and was demonstrated how yuca is used to make a delicious bread.

This was just the very beginning of a fantastic 15-day trip, and we can highly recommend Siona Lodge and travelling with ESA (Explora South America).

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